Conscious Freedom

From Procrastination to Powerful Action


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What people are saying about PSYCH-K® and the workshop

PSYCH-K® is a great tool for reprogramming conscious and unconscious habits. After my first day back on the job, I noticed I was much more focused and energetic; got loads done. Thanks so much.

Frank L., St. Louis, MO

Wed. evening I balanced for respect and appreciation with emphasis on my Mom and brother. Thursday morning the phone rang, it was my brother and we had a wonderful conversation, no issues or nonsense. About an hour afterwards I got so tickled and realized it was the PSYCH-K® kicking in. Thursday night my Mom got real serious and thanked me for all I've done for her and how much she appreciated my help. WOW!!

That's all I can say. Thank you, Thank you.

Carol Murray, Herrin, IL

My first balance was to over-ride sixty years of motion sickness and my current dread of driving because it is so difficult to stay awake behind the wheel. Today I drove to St. Louis, a total of six hours on the road. I took a new route that I had never traveled and left the city in heavy 5 pm traffic. I felt totally peaceful and so good that I sang almost the entire trip back. I never became sleepy or nauseated, and I have been working on a difficult editing project since the moment I arrived home. I just noticed it is after 10 p.m. and I am still feeling great. Gee, I guess I'm balanced!!

Kathy Cotton, Anna, IL

PSYCH-K® continues to open the doors of possibility and healing - Simple yet impactful, individualized yet comprehensive, creative yet grounded in sound principles.

S. Sultenfuss Buckhead Center for Health

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Are you ready to Free Yourself from limiting thoughts and experience the missing peace in your life?

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What You Receive from this Workshop:

These two days are highly experiential and interactive. We go step by step through:

You will experience this process personally during the 2 days and will take away tools to help yourself, friends, family or in one-to-one private sessions.

Come to a workshop and join a growing number of people in your community who are changing their experiences by changing their subconscious beliefs.

Each workshop includes an instruction packet and the book: The Missing Piece Peace In Your Life! by Robert M. Williams, M.A.

Workshop fees are listed on each registration page.

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