Conscious Freedom

From Procrastination to Powerful Action


I was pretty much at an all time low in my life and I can't even put into words how grateful I am to Yolanda. She is exceptional at what she does and working with her 3 times a month for the last six months has completely turned my life around. I continue to transform in ways that still surprises me. PSYCH-K blows traditional psycho therapy completely out of the water. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in Yolanda as their faciliator.

Kim Adams
Pompano Beach, FL

I had the pleasure of attending a PSYCH-K® workshop facilitated by Yolanda and have incorporated the practice in my in my daily routine ever since. All I can say is WOW !! I did a VAK to the future balance in regards to smoking. Even though I have not quit, I have slowed way down. I keep my cigarettes in a drawer and no ashtrays out. With nothing out to remind me, I have found myself forgetting about them. As of right now I have had maybe 6 cigarettes. Before I did the balance, I smoked that many with my coffee in the morning. Trust me that is a big step for me. Yeah PSYCH-K !!! Many self-limiting beliefs I have harbored, some since childhood, have vanished. One of the major obstacles in my life has evolved around the subject of money. For years my subconscious held the belief that I would never have financial security so I introduced a new belief statement concerning my own prosperity. Within a few weeks I had $10,000 in my checking account. PSYCH-K® has helped me in smaller matters as well. I have always had terrible handwriting and never liked housework. After a few PSYCH-K® sessions I write beautifully and my house is always tidy. No matter what the subject, PSYCH-K® has made a difference in my belief system. I highly recommend this simple process for banishing self-limiting beliefs and enjoying a fulfilled and contented life.

Bridget Hulen
Carbondale, IL

I was trying to lose weight but it just wasn't working. I felt hopeless and frustrated. Then by chance, I found a doctor who figured out I was fighting an uphill battle due to my thyroid. But once that was balanced, I still had to eat what he told me to, and I was certain that that would be hard. ("What do you mean no ice cream?") SO I got on the phone with Yolanda. And THEN it wasn't hard. I stuck to the doctor's plan and the mix of his plan and Yolanda's classes and coachings made the weight started coming off. Within the first six weeks I had lost 23 lbs! (Previously it had taken me a whole year to lose that much!) I am still on the plan and I have absolutely no sugar cravings. It rarely occurs to me to eat sweet or fatty foods. And the cool thing is - when it does - I know it means that my body truly needs it - not my mood, not my "but I deserve a treat" thinking - but my body. Yolanda helped me not just to lose weight - she helped me to end my compulsive need to overeat after years of struggle. Her work provided me with the space to heal emotionally and physically. And when there were times when my thinking wasn't working, she had left me with the skill to balance it on my own. Thanks, Yolanda! Years of struggle - gone in a matter of a few months.

Bridget K. Brown
St. Louis, MO

Growing up I struggled with a mild case of dyslexia. I repeated second grade and moved from public school to private school. I had a torture over the summer to learn skills to help me improve. I was not placed in a special class. I was able to make the grade but was always stammering when reading aloud. I was the last one done when we where reading to ourselves. And the last one done when taking tests. I didn't enjoy reading. As an adult, I did begin to enjoy reading without the pressure of deadlines. But, only occasionally. In 2007 I was preparing to take my yoga teacher training. Even though I only had a week before my training to finish required reading, I was procrastinating. I kept re-reading the first chapter. It was so hard to anchor the information. Not because some of the names or terms were Sanskrit, but it just felt like it was requiring a lot of concentration and still I was not comprehending it. I called Yolanda for help. I had much success with PSYCH-K and decided to see if it would be helpful for this application. I felt the session went really well. As we tested, I found the areas that needed improving. After using the technique we retested and I was strong to the previous weak areas. I was encouraged. It wasn't until I picked up my book again later that night that I realized how amazing the transformation had been! It was as if someone had given me a different book! I felt like all the circuits in my brain had been tuned up and it was effortless to read. I thought what a fantastic technique for dyslexia! If only it had been available to me as a kid when I was first diagnosed! What an exciting opportunity we have to offer this to help future generations! Yolanda has a gift! She is truly skillful.

Lisa Dover
Barkan Method Certified Yoga Instructor
Murphysboro, IL

After earning my Brown Belt in Shotokan Karate on December 5, 2011, I hit a wall of emotional resistance. I was surprised and discouraged. I was training 3 - 4 times a week and felt so proud of my accomplishment. Plus, I had mysteriously injured my back which gave me an "excuse" to sit out for awhile, but the longer I stayed out the more discouraged I got...even questioning my committment to earn my Black Belt before 60.

Needless to say it was frustrating that I was avoiding the dojo after such success. What I was able to figure out is that in the 2 times I'd been back I felt extremely embarrassed that I was not easily able to learn Bassai Dai, a long, complicated kata of about 56 separate movements. Despite having it demonstrated to me and walking through it with my Sensei, it just wouldn't stick in my head. Nor would Tekki Niddan a much shorter kata.

I recognized that for a long time I had this belief that I don't learn kata easily. So last night before I went to sleep, I did a PSYCH-K balance for "I easily learn new katas and remember old ones." I awoke out of a deep sleep at 2:30am with a vivid picture of myself running through Bassai Dai without a hitch! Just to be sure I ran it through my head about 5 more times! OMG! I was so excited. When I got up in the morning, I was able to do the kata with all the moves and not miss a one! It felt like a miracle to me.

Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D.

I highly recommend Yolanda to facilitate PSYCH-K®. Yolanda helped me to feel comfortable and very at ease with the process. Her professional demeanor and integrity allowed me to relax into the session and transform my thoughts into positive attributes that propelled me into a personal awakening still occurring to this day.

Tabitha Tripp
Owner, Tabitha Tripp, Licensed Massage Therapist
Carbondale, IL

PSYCH-K® is a great tool for reprogramming conscious and unconscious habits. After my first day back on the job, I noticed I was much more focused and energetic; Got loads done. Thanks so much.

Frank L. - St. Louis, MO

Yolanda is professional, personable, and highly effective at enabling me to discover how my unconscious mind directs aspects of my life. Her knowledge and intuitive expertise provides new perspectives and new 'tools' for changing my thoughts and changing my life. She and her skills are unique and 'life altering' in a very positive way.

Maribeth Smith
RN, Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist
Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach, LMT (MFR/CST)
Cobden, IL

Yolanda is first of all an excellent human being. She brings a great deal of intuitive ability, and a natural demeanor of caring and service to all of her work and life. Just being in her presence leads to a transformative process. This combined with her training and skills makes her an outstanding PSYCH-K® Instructor. I highly recommend her.

Gregory Wendt
Instructional Technology Specialist at Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL

Yolanda is a natural instructor in PSYCH-K®. What most impresses me when I watch her teach is her patience and responsiveness to the needs and questions of the participants. In addition, she is a powerful facilitator of internal change -- partly because of the processes she teaches, but also because of her amazing ability to intuitively tune into each person's unique needs.

Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D.
Transformational Trainer and Success Coach
St. Louis, MO

That pervading sadness that was always there, ready to burst the dam at any moment, is gone. What a relief! I feel so much lighter and free now. Yolanda has the most wonderful energy about her. Just being in her presence makes you feel a bit better. The work that she does is magical and scientific at the same time, it doesn't matter if you're a skeptic or not, you feel a change immediately! I literally would not be on this earth if it wasn't for her.

Thank you! This has been an amazing experience.

San Francisco, CA

I have known for a long time that I was not where I wanted to be with my weight. I have also known that there was more to my weight then just needing to make life style changes. Something more keeping me heavy. I have been slowly working on issues that would come up over the years and have had little improvements. But, recently I had a health scare! I felt so guilty for letting myself go for so long! I had a session with Yolanda and I not only worked through my guilt and fear but also resolved issues that kept me holding on to the weight! I am now finding it easy to make those life style changes that where so hard before!! The weight is flying off and people are noticing!! I am so thankful for a tool like PSYCH-K and for Yolanda who is a skillful and kind facilitator! I would tell anyone who is wanting to lose weight, you are worthy of the investment in your health!

Lisa Dover
Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT, NCBTMB
Carbondale, IL

The 'Secret of Life' is Belief. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a set of simple, self-empowering techniques to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.

Bruce Lipton, PhD, Cellular Biologist, Author of Biology of Belief

I had an event on an airplane when I was young and have been terrified of flying my entire life since. I had a full blown panic attack on a recent flight where my body went numb and I couldn't move my arms. I finally decided enough was enough. I had a phone session with Yolanda just before going on a trip and the difference was astounding. After my PSYCH-K® session I was like a different person, taking pictures out the window of the plane and hardly even noticed when we experienced turbulence. I'm excited to travel for the first time in my life! Yolanda is a miracle worker!

M.M.F. - IL

Just wanted to thank you for the session we had on Sunday. It's hard to understand what we go through or how things come about. It's just good to know that we do have the means to correct what has been. I had no idea that what we did would have such a sudden out come or change my thinking with such clarity. It feels as tho I have control of my life again.

Thanks again for being there.

Ralph Hernandez, Brooksville, FL

Well worth the time & money. I had good insights and am leaving with practical applications not just For myself, but, to "do with" others.

Thank you

Jayne Wright,
St. Louis, MO

Great Program. Very revealing and enlightening.

Brian Meeks, Indianapolis, IN

Fantastic! Powerful! Amazingly quick and effective tool to transform one's life!

Alice Dobbs, Fairfield, IA

How to do self-balances will be very helpful & save me time & money.

Margaret Collins
Healing Touch, Reiki Master,
Desoto, IL