Conscious Freedom

From Procrastination to Powerful Action

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is PSYCH-K?

Simply put, PSYCH-K is a process used to help you change habitual thoughts and behaviors from ones that you don't want to experience to ones that you do want to experience.

It helps you remove the blocks and stuck places in your life.

How can you do PSYCH-K over the phone?

Imagine a field of energy in which we are all connected. It is in this field that I am able to connect with you, with your permission, and muscle test for you by proxy. Just as I cannot explain exactly to you how the quantum field works, I can't exactly explain to you how this connection works but many of my clients from the US and abroad have experienced the benefits of this. It makes distance a non-issue.

How do I prepare for a PSYCH-K phone session?

Have a private place where you can speak confidentially. If not using Skype turn off your computer and any other distracting electronics. If you have children and pets please make arrangements for their care while you are in session.

Have a glass of water handy, dress comfortably, and have a place to sit.

When using a phone a headset is ideal. If you don't have a headset a speaker phone is good.

Please call me at our designated time.

Why do you give a complementary session?

The 20 minute session is designed to answer any questions you have about PSYCH-K and to give you an experience of it.

Some people find that after reading about PSYCH-K they still aren't quite sure what it is or how it works.

The 20 minute session is much like counseling or coaching with the addition of changes to the subconscious programming where your automatic behaviors and responses reside, giving you different results moving forward.

Also, during the 20 minute session we determine if we're a good match, can work well together and the length of the next session, if you choose to continue.

Is PSYCH-K a religion?

No, PSYCH-K is not a religion. A PSYCH-K Instructor or Facilitator would never ask you to change your religious beliefs to accomodate the PSYCH-K process.

I hear from my clients that PSYCH-K is quite compatable with their religeous beliefs. If you have any questions about this I am available to answer specific questions. Please email me to innitiate this conversation.

If you have other questions that were not addressed here, feel free to send an email or call.