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New Direction Balance:

This is a simple balance that uses the "cross over preference" of your body's arms and legs along with positive belief statements to access and shift information that is stored in your mind/body. Referred to by clients as: "Affirmations on steroids!"

Relationship Balance:

This process is designed to deepen the understanding between individuals by identifying and transforming the issues that challenge them.

It may be used for relationships between couples, business associates, friends, parent/child, or one's self and spirit. This is also a fantastic energetic balance for relationships with concepts, such as: Business owner and organization, fame in one's community, prosperity, client cooperation, etc. This balance encourages a whole-brain state whenever one sees, hears, or feels the presence of the other.

Core Belief Balance:

This balance allows you to discover "core beliefs" that may be blocking you from achieving your desired career and/or life goals.. It works with 13 paired statements that are important for you to be able to operate from at the subconscious level of the mind such as self love, forgiveness, energetic connection to the Universe, etc.

Life Bonding Balance:

This balance works with the "trauma of birth" and the "fear of death". It uses breath as a means of reprogramming any negative impact of these influences in our lives.

Language Preference Balance and Rapport:

This balance is used to strengthen and ease communication with others by releasing learned stress associated with speech patterns individual to each person. It then becomes easier to speak to, listen to and understand others, both verbally and non-verbally.

Permission and Commitment:

All balances are done with the permission and commitment of the conscious mind, super conscious (higher self), and the sub conscious. If any of these components are not willing the balance is not done or it may be re-phrased for compatibility with the system and tried again.

Phone Consultations:

Most of the above balances may be done over the phone. I use a surrogation process to access the client's muscle responses while conversing over the telephone.

Spirit Balancing:

All of the above balances may be done without the presence of a "body". Using gifts I realized and cultivated from a young age I am able to work with the energy of others to assist in their healing. As in all the above balances, permission and commitment are asked for before proceeding. This work is done in the quantum field. Time and distance are not a factor for these balances. For more information please contact me.

Power of the Mind:

The power of your mind is absolutely incredible! Use it to your advantage and create what you really want instead of living a "default" life.


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